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09 April 2012 @ 11:26 pm
Happy Birthday ^^  
0409... for most people is just a number... for me is the most special day every year... because of you!!

I wish you a long and happy life... I wish you keep dreaming... I wish you keep following your dreams... I wish you be true to yourself... I wish you a huge success because you deserve it!!! 

I'm not good with words but there's one word that could describe my feelings to you... LOVE

Sometimes i don't understand myself... it's hard and painful to love by your own...
and maybe it's crazy but...

I just need to see your smile to be happy,
I just need to see your eyes to be at peace,
I just need to listen your voice to have hope,
I just need to see you to believe in miracles... 

TOMO, I love you more than words can say!!

Happy Birthday my love!! 

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