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18 August 2011 @ 12:49 am
Johnny's Fangirls Testo ^^  
Have you ever daydreamed about your guy???
Have you asked yourself, WTH it's wrong with me?!?!?!  
And only because of him?!?!?!?! 

I have to say that last saturday I had a great time with 
[info]fcortes11  and [info]murakaminaoko   we had an awesome Johnny's weekend
watching movies (ANJ of course!!!!), doramas and videos ^^ girls you're amazing <3<3 thank you for share my craziness <3<3 

The funniest part of the weekend was this Test, we did it to know who was most crazy in love of her guy ^^
For the record... i didn't get the highest score ToT

If you're curious about it please try and let me know ;D

First part: Choose the best answer to show your current Johnny’s maniac-obsessive-dependent situation ^^ 

1. How was it the first time you “saw him”?

A) It was on a serie/dorama/video/movie/magazine. From the very first moment I thought to myself… OMG “sweet angel!!”
B) Time stopped. I could only see and hear him. I wanted to know everything about him. Since that moment I NEED HIM
C) It was like seeing the World for the first time. At that moment I understood so many things… Like the reason of my existence.
D) At first i didn’t notice him at all, but every time I saw him he seemed to be getting cuter and cuter, without noticing I couldn’t be able to be without him.
E) Since the first moment something attracted me to him, it was love at first sight. Ever since that moment I need to know more and more about him and It’s impossible to stop loving him right now.

2. What do you feel like when you know that you’re going to see him?

A) I just wanna check out his new looks.
B) I can’t eat or sleep, my heart beats like crazy… Maybe the whole world could see little hearts in my eyes lol
C) OMG I love to see him!!! He’s so gorgeous!!!!!
D) I want to check out if he has the same looks as in the latest magazine I saw him!!!
E) Hello handsome!!! I missed you!!! (Can’t believe I haven’t seen my cellphone in this past 2 hours)

3. What do you feel like when you actually see him?

A) Only one Word could describe that feeling L.O.V.E.
B) Anticipation, my heart start jumping… For the least, I’m nervous
C) When I realize, I already have the silliest (and happiest) of the smiles in my face :D
D) I don’t feel anything… I can only hear the “bum-bum, bum-bum” of my poor little heart ^O^
E) I feel that my life sucks and that destiny is unfair… why do we have to be apart from each other!! *sniff*

4. What attracts you most about your favorite Johnny’s?

A) His smile, his eyes… his face… ¡He just kills me!
B) He is perfect beyond words! Face + Body + Personality = He’s mine
C) I LOVE everything about him! Even his flaws!! (^w^)
D) What are you talking about!? I like everything about him!!! ;D
E) His glorious body, sculpted by God himself *O*

5. You’re going to a “meet & greet” (I’m so envy!!) What do you do in this (time of your life!) special occasion?

A) This is it… this is the time… to deliver him your 8,535 love letters which you wrote during your sleepless nights… of which of course HE is to blame for!!!
B) ”’Meet & Greet’? Are you crazy? I’ll die at the very moment that I see him from the end of the line!!!! I’m not strong enough to do that!!! Well maybe i'm strong!!! maybe I'll survive!!! I don’t know!!!!
C) OMG, maybe i should give him a teddy bear, or maybe the scrap book that I made as a present for his Birthday, or maybe my fan paint or the key chain that I made for him ^^ mmm maybe he could sign all my CD’s
D) WOW “¡Meet & Greet! See him up front, shake hands with him, stare him in the eyes, spot at his beautiful mouth, see his amazing superstar aura… ahhhh gomen… what were we talking about?!?!?!
E) Wait “¿How I ask him to go out…? Is that even possible... !?!? Wait a sec… my hair, my nails… my make up… what I’m going to wear?!?!?!?!”

6. The time has come; this is the moment of your life!!! You’re now at the meet & greet, but sadly you’re on your own, because not many friends of yours in your RL are also fangirls of a Japanese Idol, so there wouldn’t be any witness of whatever could happen in the event… so what WILL happen??

A) Ok. This is a chance of a life time!!! You got to kiss him!!! Even if you have to leave the room while 1000 jealous girls run after you like a black panther chasing for a little rabbit ^^ You’ll think of something there, but you’ll kiss him for sure!!!
B) You're in front of him, it's your moment and he’s smiling, He reaches out (HE IS B.E.A.T.I.F.U.L! but wait a sec, why is he closing his eyes???) you shake hands with him (ahhh his hands are so soft and warm!!!) He smiles at you (Why is he looking you with a worried face?!?!) He looks so gorgeos with this… blurry light?!?!?! (Why does he looks kind of blurry???) Why does he look so worried and scared?!?!?!
Oh no. Oh no, no no nooooo Don’t pass out!!!! Not at this moment!!!!! [=___=]
C) You go to him, greet him and in your fluent Japanese you tell him that you really admire him and that he’s super “sugoi” and “kakkoi”, etc. He signs your CD’s and you say good bye to him... and… Wait a sec… What was all that?!?!?!
The fact is you were in such a shock from the emotion that at the end you acted like a zombie fan!!! So sad (T____T)
D) It’s the happiest moment of your life!!! You act on like you’re super well-mannered and of course shake hands… but just then... hahaha... you pull him over and kiss him on the cheek!!! Faster than a ninja cat, you hug him and… Flash!!! You take a pic of this moment with your super camera ^^ (You did practiced this about 1,875 times before mastering this technique!!) You tell him he’s super handsome, you love him and that you wanna be his bride ;D You’re in the middle of your amazing speech when security-san start to run towards you… and it’s time to say goodbye… again faster than a Ninja cat you leave him… happy because you have the prove of this moment ^^
E) This will be your first date with him!!! You have lived this moment a zillion times!!! It’s gonna be like your fairy godmother granted you your most precious wish… Your very own fairy tale ^^
He’ll suddenly realized that you’re the woman of his dreams, every past girl in his life has been like a step to be finally with you… without stop looking at you he’s going to take your hand and you’ll runaway together (OMG!) when you ask him… where are we going?? He’ll answer… “to the start of our lives” ♥ ♥ ♥ .
Truth of the matter, is that… you saw him, you started to cry like crazy, when he didn’t hug you (cause he was in panic!!) you fell off to the floor and climbed your way to his leg as if it was your life pending on it!!! In that moment security-san just throws you away T^T and you keep crying because once again… destiny is keeping you apart from him.

Second part: Choose one of the crazy love levels (the closest to your fantasies ^^)

Level 1.  Not in a million years!!!
Level 2.  Just once, I swear it!!!
Level 3.  I couldn't help it!!!
Level 4.  Of course!!!
Level.5  All the time 24/7

Have you ever daydreamed / thought about…

1. Meeting him in person
2. Going out on a date with him (Because he asked you out!)
3. Kissing him!
4. Hugging him, to the point of thinking of how high would be your head (full of crazy love ideas about him) against his Strong (and Slim but muscular) bare chest… (at this point you could bring out your fav uchiwa and fan yourself lol) 
5. He calling you, messaging and emailing you. He not being able to stop thinking about you!!! in other words... He being in love with you!!!!
6. How it would be like to be with him on a Beach, talking while watching the Sunrise, hugging each other tightly :3
7. Doing every day chores together, like going to the market, eating ice cream, doing the laundry, going to the movies… Just doing any couple everyday duties ^^
8. Having a relationship with him, to the point of being introduced to his friends and family… going on a trip together…

Here comes the real deal… Have you ever daydreamed / thought or would you be able to…

1. Live togheter (Yes!!! Waking up on the same bed… sleep hugging each other… and of course… Do grow up stuff with him!!!)
2. Think of a fight and… the make up ^^
3. Think about him naked!!! (Don’t lie, be honest ^___^)
4. Have you ever have had an Ero dream with him?? (Remember, Santa doesn’t give presents to liar children! lol)
5. Be the mother of his children :O
6. Think about your break up with him, and how painful that would be T___T

OK it’s the moment of the truth…

You have to check your points of the first part and then add those points with the points of the second part (according to each level ^^)  so...

First Part Points ^^


Second Part Points ^^

Level 1.  1 Point
Level 2.  2 Points
Level 3.  3 Points
Level 4.  4 Points
Level 5.  5 Points

check your points and your prize will be...

An amazing fantasy trip with your favorite Johnny’s man!!!!

Enjoy your trip!!!!! YAAAAYYYYY!!! 

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michiyo_7michiyo_7 on August 18th, 2011 07:27 am (UTC)
I got 21 points!!^^
yttenaidyttenaid on August 18th, 2011 12:20 pm (UTC)
I hope you had fun ^^